Wealth Builder Property Investment Training Package

Wealth Builder Property Investment Training Package

  • £31,491.67 *price excludes VAT

The Wealth Builder Elite training package is your ticket to the most complete Property Investment education available.  This package includes:

1 - Momentum Elite Live Training Course

9 - Additional Elite Live Training Course that you can select from the available training courses below.

1 - Mentorship Programme

1 - Elite Home Study Kit

1 - Elite Strategy Call Session


This 3-day training is the entry point to your advanced training programme and it has been designed by property investment experts to provide an environment that will build momentum and give you the strategic plan you need to take your property investment career to the next level. During the course you will be introduced to specific core competencies including goal setting, strategy development, area selection, lead generation and marketing, property analysis and deal assessment, portfolio management and running this as a business. In addition you will be introduced to the benefits of each of the Legacy Elite advanced trainings so that you are able to determine which combination of courses best fits your set of personal circumstances in order to give you the necessary tools and the right steps to take control of your financial future. 

Based in our permanent training facility in Richmond, London you will be surrounded by approximately 80 positive green lighters, the people who like you, want to gain the knowledge, the network and the momentum to make their property investment path a successful and enjoyable one. This course is hosted by two main speakers and you will also meet a number of guests including a selection of mentors from the Legacy Elite Mentorship programme. The whole of Sunday afternoon is dedicated to spending time with the mentors in group consultation sessions enabling you to fine tune your strategy so that by the end of Day 3 you are clear about the next steps you need to take.

At Momentum you will learn:

  • How to set goals and objectives that link to your personal set of circumstances, your financial freedom figure and your broader aspirations.
  • How to finance the purchases – learn what the trainers and mentors do and have done. We also bring in a mortgage broker who will illustrate the products and options available to you depending on your strategy and investment profile. A solicitor will also visit us during the weekend to explain the legalities and tax implications to consider when setting up, building and protecting your business.
  • A system and the correct sequence of activities using interactive exercises that will allow you to create a business plan appropriate to your personal investment profile, the strategy that you want to implement and the area you want to invest in. You will walk away with the information you need to create a 6 month plan to get you from Momentum to Mentorship or to simply kick start your investment career.
  • How to build your property power team and you will learn the importance of networking and negotiation in your development as a professional property investor.
  • The importance of mentoring and using the support structure provided by people within the Legacy family that have already built successful property portfolios.

Additional Elective Training Options:

The below list of training courses are available for selection as an additional elective training course with the purchase of this training package.

Mentor Programme:

With average marks over 9/10 for the three days and over 85% of all students offering on properties during these 3 days it is little wonder that these trainings are so popular. Legacy Elite has over 10 mentors to choose from all competent in property investing. Each mentor has chosen certain specialties of their own with a couple specifically active within the Scottish and Irish markets. 

The one-on-one Mentorship programme is unsurpassed within the UK with rigorous and stringent rules operating in relation to the mentees qualifications and actions during these special trainings. Each mentor is a full time investor, each mentor has a sizable portfolio and will have bought various different investments, using all of the techniques taught by Legacy Elite UK. 

What will the mentor share with you? Everything you need to know about investing in your chosen area and with your chosen strategy, whether
coming as a novice or as a seasoned investor already. Through our help line they will contact you before hand to understand your requirements, where you would like to invest, that strategy you would like to employ and with what resources. Once fully prepared both you and the mentee will then embark on an amazing 3 days that will change your life.