Robbie Fowler Property Academy Basic Training Package

Robbie Fowler Property Academy Basic Training Package

  • £830.83 *price excludes VAT

“Whatever your professional or personal circumstances, to be successful in any aspect of your life requires confidence and the right mental attitude. Tigrent training not only provides you with trusted expertise built over 10 years in the UK market but also the correct mindset for success.” 

Why us you may ask? Over the last ten years, Tigrent has educated more than 100,000 people across the UK and Ireland. We have over 60 full-time property investors who regularly teach, train, and educate our customers on our courses. These are not employees; it is a requirement that all speakers remain full-time investors in order to bring you up to date and current information regarding the property market. 

We have over 10 advanced courses covering the many facets of property investing and development. We regularly introduce new techniques, new ideas, and review existing strategies to investing. Our one-to-one mentorship programmes are universally acclaimed by the customers. 

Our speakers, customers, and staff regularly appear at network meetings, respond on discussion boards, and generally offer help and advice for others. Our helpline tirelessly provides assistance and advice freely. 

Property Academy with Robbie Fowler is not a property club and does not attempt to sell you properties. 


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