Buy To Let - On Demand

Buy To Let - On Demand

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Developed and run by three BTL experts with decades of combined experience in all aspects of BTL, this training will help you to start building your own sustainable property portfolio. it will also help you manage your BTL business effectively day to day, as well as show you how to keep growing your business using strategies that work in today’s market.

This training features methods for effi cient set up and management of your property portfolio, no matter the size. Learn about the legislation you need to know in order to remain compliant with regulations, as well as procedures and best practise for handling tenants and maximising your income from BTL.


  • How to find good BTL deals
  • How to manage the tax implications
  • How to find and check that you have a good quality tenant
  • How to set up and manage a tenancy
  • The safety legislation required to remain legally compliant
  • The eviction process and how to serve notice on a tenant
  • How to effectively manage maintenance
  • How to minimise voids
  • Hedging property for the future
  • Resources and support for Landlord