Commercial Property - On Demand

Commercial Property - On Demand

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As customers developed their individual strategies Legacy Elite UK was requested to design an advanced training course looking at why and how to invest in commercial property.

The first commercial property course was presented in 2005 looking at all different aspects of commercial properties and the many facets of generating continued and long term cash flow. This course is highly sought after by our senior customers as they look to diversify and expand their portfolios. A truly great course.

Course Objectives:
  • Review the strategies of Commercial investing. Including no money down strategies
  • Assess the financial implications, how to set up finance, where to get it
  • Build a solid positive cash flow, look at rent reviews, long term contracts
  • Commercial finance, how to apply who to apply to. All the details of a commercial finance application
  • Identifying the Landlord and tenant responsibilities
  • Classifications and different sectors of commercial property
  • Learn the terms used in light industry and commercial buildings
  • Learn to invest in a systematic and time efficient manner
  • Evaluating the property both structurally and financially
  • Evaluating the tenant, how secure is your cashflow
  • Understanding the tax side of things
  • Setting a different strategy using retail units
  • Understand the local authorities and national government schemes
  • Seeking out opportunities, where to look who to ask