Houses in Multiple Occupancy - On Demand

Houses in Multiple Occupancy - On Demand

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These are a breed of the Buy-To-Let market but by their very nature they are higher cash flowing properties. not-withstanding the benefits there are regulations to grapple with.  Get them right and your income can be increased dramatically.  Therefore we have designed a specific 10 hour course round this strategy. once mastered, these additions to your portfolio can help you to your financial goals.

Legacy Elite UK devised this course in response to a growing market demand for individual units of accommodation. HMOs are used by professionals, trades people, students and there is a growing need for them in the Social Housing sector. Legacy Elite is a market leader in the education of investors in the HMO arena. The programme is crammed with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to develop a successful HMO Portfolio.

During the course we will cover:
  • The Housing Act 2004, what is HMO, why may it be differently interpreted.
  • Regulations: HHSRS, Fire safety, Electrics, Gas, signs, access.
  • Working with the Authorities
  • Different types, student, Bed-sit, Flats.
  • Review case studies of HMO¹s.
  • Financials, cashflow, what to calculate and how.
  • Costs of set up, building, timescales and license.
  • Strategies, locations, price points, deposits, research.
  • Management, Operations and systems