Momentum - On Demand

Momentum - On Demand

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Momentum on demand forms the basis of a 10-week program.

You can cover the program faster or slower than the suggested 10-weeks based on your own time, desire and passion.  The program consists of two main challenge threads, Life & Property, each of which are totally independent from the other.  

The introduction video helps you understand how to progress through one or both of the Challenges.


This consists of a LIFE CHALLENGE WORKBOOK and an accompanying video and it's all about YOU!  The challenge helps you understand "why you are who you are today".  It's a program whose principles will help you achieve above average success in all areas of life if followed step-by-step to the very end.  It has been developed by individuals who have been there, done it and struggled up the ladder of success, so you can avoid the struggles yourself.

During the 10-week challenge as well as understanding more about yourself, the program helps you address one or more of the following areas of your life:

  • Attitude
  • Health & Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Finances


Written and presented by two of our past Advanced Students who are not only extremely successful Investors, but have gone on to become Speakers and Mentors within the Tigrent Family.

The step-by-step Program covers the following topics:

  • Week 1 -  Reviewing the Basics.  (Ensuring that you understand and have consolidated your learning from this weekend)
  • Week 2 -  Strategy (Defining your strategy for the next 12-24 months) - looking at your experience time and capital to formulate a clearer plan on "Where do I start?"
  • Week 3 -  Creating Property Goals (Determining both short and long term goals for your property journey)
  • Week 4 -  Area Part I (How to select areas and using basic numbers qualification to produce a shortlist of 2 or 3 potential areas for you)
  • Week 5 -  Area Part II (Qualifying your shortlist using more detailed research, including Demographics, Stock and Demand) - ensuring the area fits our strategy to see results as soon as possible.
  • Week 6 -  Building your Power Team (Who your national power team will include and what to do on an area visit to start building your local power team)
  • Week 7 -  Angels & Investors (Building a database of potential investors, a must for those wanting to source and for those needing OPM funds)- how to approach these people and manage other people’s money professionally and successfully. 
  • Week 8 -  Viewing Properties (What to do on an area visit, how to talk to agents and how to view properties)
  • Week 9 -  Advanced Marketing (How to hunt for properties without Agents)
  • Week 10 - Preparing for Momentum (Putting it all together and making sure you are ready for the next 3 day Advanced course in your journey)

The main 10-Week Property Investing Challenge Video will cover the basics on each of the above, as well as setting specific tasks and goals for you to complete each week.  In addition to the main video during weeks 2 - 9 there are almost 5 hours of specialist videos providing a mix of recapping on the basic information that must be mastered, as well as more advanced knowledge to add to your growing skills as an investor.

The Specialist Videos are as follows:

  • Week 2 -  Qualifying What Strategy is Right for each Individual (How to understand and determine which strategy is right for you right now)
  • Week 3 -  Goal Setting (One method that walks you through the "How To" of setting goals, not just for property but also life goals)
  • Week 4 -  Numbers (A basic skill that must be mastered this video takes you through a serious of examples to fully understand how to analyse a area/property using the numbers)
  • Week 5 -  Detailed Area Qualification (How to using detailed research to qualify an area for your specific strategy)
  • Week 6 -  Speaking to & Building Power Teams (What to say and how to build the all important teams of experts you will need to grow)
  • Week 7 -  Talking to Angels & Investors (You can't build a database or get to OPM if you don't know what to say to engage investors and get to "Yes")
  • Week 8 -  Guide to Viewing Property (What to look for and how to know what to avoid and what will be expensive to fix)
  • Week 9 -  Advanced Marketing Techniques (Practical steps in how to market for direct to vendor deals)