Social Housing - On Demand

Social Housing - On Demand

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This 10 hour specialist BUY-TO-LET course is designed and delivered by experienced Social Housing investors. It aims to equip established and aspiring investors alike, with the knowhow to build good cash-fl owing portfolios in a dynamic market. Investors in the sector benefi t from access to ‘tools’ that are unique to this strategy and with increasing numbers of working tenants now needing  Housing Benefi ts top ups to pay rising rents, the Social Housing strategy is defi nitely ‘mainstream’!

This course continues to develop in response to significant changes taking place in the UK - from the weak economy, changing employment patterns
and Welfare Reforms among others, and will be highly beneficial for all investors looking to take action and to invest successfully!

Social Housing Learning Objectives:
  • Understand opportunities for investors in the Social Housing sector
  • Learn to access and employ ‘unique tools’ available to Social Housing Investors such as development grants and other incentives
  • Get to grips with relevant legislation, issues and challenges resulting from government-led Welfare Reforms
  • Examine Local Authority and Housing Association leases
  • Learn about the Local Housing Allowance, Universal Credit and Housing Benefits
  • Identify suitable property and locations to target for investment
  • Understand how to finance your investments
  • Determine how to prepare property to required standards
  • Review relevant case studies and lessons
  • Prepare personal action plans